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genevacode's Journal

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Welcome to Broomstix!

Welcome to Geneva Code, an icon journal run by weazleby! The mod, Shannon, would like to remind you that everything, unless otherwise stated, is © to weazleby. Please... don't be a pirate.

This journal is now public, and please refer to this post on the journal as to why I've switched to public posts from friend's only.

I do welcome others with icon/graphics making journals to affiliate with me. Just comment if you'd like to. =D

Please keep in mind: I reserve the right to change anything regarding security level on posts, to refuse to add you, or remove you from my flist. If I feel I have enough evidence that you are in fact stealing from me, I WILL BAN YOU, NO EXCEPTIONS! Fair warning...

If you have a question, about my graphics (what program I use, etc.), please check out the FAQ before commenting.

Eventually, all graphics will be posted as memories as a sort of archive for users to reference to.

Also, please take into consideration that I post icons sporadically and when I feel that creative wave. Sometimes my creative wave takes a vacation, or I am unable to reach a computer. This really comes down to: Don't badger me. You'll be permanently discarded to my 'I really don't care for you' list and it won't get you icons any faster. =\ I have a life that comes before anybody on the internet.

Damn rules

Comment: This is necessary and definitely appreciated. It's nice to receive critiques, but also know who's taking my icons. When you do comment, expect one back from me. =D I always try to show my gratitude, unless the comment box is flooded to the max. x_o I may not get to them all.

Credit: PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPUHLEASE credit me in some way. Perhaps once I have a steady pace at making my graphics or more people decide to friend me, I'll be more lenient about this. Unfortunately, for now, I would prefer you credit me. (Suggestive crediting: simply put 'by weazleby' or 'by genevacode' somewhere in your keywords after uploading icons)

Edit My Work: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Unless I say it is allowed for whatever reason, I will not permit you to alter my icons in any way. This includes any icons I make that may look like bases only, etc.

Hotlinking: BLOODY HELL! DO NOT HOTLINK! Not only does that show direspect towards me, it takes up my website bandwith. Banned on the spot, if you do!!!! Find a nice little photo uploading website (photobucket's one, I believe), or buy yourself a lovely domain, dammit.

Requests: Yes, I take them, but within reason. Don't ask me to do all of these extravagant things, or request more than ten things per week. Also, PLEASE DO NOT IM ME ON AOL INSTANT MESSENGER!!! I will ignore you. You can either email me (wellfancythat @ gmail.com), or comment on the most recent entry on my journal.

I have two more things I'd like to add: If you ever move journals, please delete me on your flist. It really pisses me off when people just move without any notice and leave me on their list. That's my time wasted trying to hunt you down and space on my flist that could be removed. ...And if you add me, I'd really appreciate it if you'd please check up on me every once in a while.

Visit these links

01 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
02 Ask a Question
03 Requests
04 Resources, Credits, etc.
05 Archived Posts (Memories)

My To-Do List

Requests will be placed here in order; they will be crossed out as they are completed.
01 Radio Free Roscoe icons --> Parker/Travis icons and Lily/Parker icons
02 Atomic Betty, Mighty Mouse, Gumby, Ninja Turtles, Batman icons
03 O'Grady icons --> Beth and Abby icons
04 Harry Potter --> GoF picture icons
05 Random icons from different bands
06 Icons for the movie 'Wes Craven's Cursed' (Going to make more)

Those affiliated with Geneva Code

If you want to affiliate with Geneva Code, don't hesitate to email me (wellfancythat @ gmail.com) or comment on the most recent entry on my journal.
01 ljamboree Run by andaaz, myao, terra_katta, there_is, yuna, & zidaya.
02 jadedgraphics Run by jadedanielle
03 dead_icons Run by deadwillwalk
04 inyourpants_ Run by potthead
05 sweetnisse Run by whiteshells
06 laughtur Run by genrocks
07 champagne_icons Run by miss__daydream

Graphics used for the layouts on Geneva Code

The background pattern used on this layout is © to Squidfingers.com.

If anything on Geneva Code isn't answered here, please email me (wellfancythat @ gmail.com), or comment on the most recent entry on my journal. I'll help you as best I can.